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Welcome to Inspired Flooring and Interiors’ Accessories, where the perfect finishing touches await to elevate your space. Explore our curated collection of accessories that add charm, functionality, and style to your home and interiors.



Accessories Collection

Explore our sub-categories of artwork, baskets, candle holders, clocks, diffusers, ornaments, and soft furnishings to find the perfect accessories that enhance your living space.

Our collection includes a variety of artwork, from paintings to prints, that can bring color, texture, and personality to your walls. Discover our range of stylish baskets, perfect for organising and adding a touch of natural charm to any room.

Illuminate your space with our exquisite candle holders, available in various styles and materials. Stay on time and elevate your decor with our collection of clocks, featuring modern and traditional designs.

Create a relaxing atmosphere with our diffusers, offering a selection of delightful scents. Add a touch of charm with our ornaments, showcasing unique and eye-catching designs. Finally, complete your space with our soft furnishings, including cushions, throws, and rugs, for comfort and style.

Explore our exceptional collection of accessories and find the perfect pieces to reflect your personal style and elevate your home decor.